You Can't Get the JUICEEE Without The SQUEEZEEE!

  1. "The JUICEEE" Everyday Oil Blend
    "The JUICEEE" Everyday Oil Blend
  2. "Divine" Dead Sea Salt Body Exfoliater
    "Divine" Dead Sea Salt Body Exfoliater
  3. "GloUP" Minty Oats Face Scrub
    "GloUP" Minty Oats Face Scrub
  4. "Honey Dipp"Juice Bar
    "Honey Dipp"Juice Bar
  5. "The JUICEEE" Conditioning Oil Treatment
    "The JUICEEE" Conditioning Oil Treatment
  6. "Nilla Frostin" Whipped Shea Butter
    "Nilla Frostin" Whipped Shea Butter
  7. "Cinna Bun" Massage Candle
    "Cinna Bun" Massage Candle

 All Orders Can be Customized to your Specific JUICE Need !​​
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