Meet Le Juiceee
aka Juju
aka Julie 
aka Da Boss

Anyone can write a discription & tell you about themselves, but I like to do things a bit different. Check out the video and see for Yourself!
To all My Kings & Queens, remember to ALWAYS keep it JUICYYYYY​​!
Be you, Stay True!

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The Great Philosipher Sherk once said:
"Ogers are like onions..."

Now, I'm no oger (That's if I've eaten), But I too am like an onion. 
NO I don't smell, or sprout little white hairs, But I do have many layers.

At the Core of it all I am A young God Fearing, CHRIST loving, Born again Sinner, whose just trying to do the Lords will.
If we are talking Facts sheets though let me give you my Receipts:

Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry with a concentration in Biochemistry
Event Planner 
Trilingual : English, Spanish & Ebonics
Rapper (Not really)
Buisness Owner
& Last but not Least 


Much Love with Love 

-Le Juiceee <3