More than just a line of Health and Beauty Products, AFRODIZIAC by Le Juice is a lifestyle. We encourage our Afrodiziacs to take care of their mind, body, and souls.
It is our desire to see our Afrodiziacs Flourish. We want the Glow Up to not only happen Physiacally, but also Spiritually, Mentally, & Intellectually 
AFRODIZIAC  :   A quenticential Experience From an AfroCentric Prospective, which encompasses a holistic Appreciation & Acceptance of One's roots.  
All of our products are made from the purest Essential Oils, lots of Love, and a dash of Grace. We aim to provide only the Best.
We aspire to see our Afrodiziacs not only develop the Fruits necessary to build themselves up, but that they also squeeze the juice from these fruits to not only influence, but also uplift those around them.

Remember, You can't get the Juice without the Squeeze !!